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CPR Challenge Course
     $20.00 Adult, Child, and Infant 

CPR Re-Certification Course

    $26.95 Adult and Child
    $36.95 Adult, Child, and infant

CPR & AED Re-Certification Course

    $36.95 Adult and Child

CPR, AED, & First Aid Re-Certification Course

    $42.00 Adult, Child, Infant

CPR, AED, & First Aid First Time Certification Course

   $55.00 Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and First Aid

Day Care Providers Course

    $32.95 Infant and Child CPR and First Aid (CA Stickers add $5)
    $55.00 Infant and Child CPR Certification from AHA  

Friends and Family
    $12.00 For the first four participants, $10.00 for each additional participant. 
    Under 8 over 85 free. This is a non-certifying course. However, 
    certifications can be acquired with prior approval (additional fee for supplies).

Individual CPR Course Rates, 1-3 people 

    CPR re-certification: $50.00
    CPR, AED & First Aid re-certification: $75.00
    CPR, AED, & First Aid first-time certification: $100.00

Time required for each course will vary depending on class size
For AHA BLS & ASHI CPR Certifications add 20%


All inclusive r
ates are based on 4 or more people per course


Current Listed Course Rates Apply To San Diego County
24 Hour Cancelation Notice Requested


We use higher quality training equipment